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Your Guide to Preparing for Monsoon Season

Now that winter has turned into spring, it won’t be long before summer’s arrival, along with the Valley’s annual monsoon season. According to the National Weather Service, the Northern Arizona Monsoon season officially begins on June 15 and ends on September 30, with the summer solstice falling on June 21 this year. Find out how to protect your property from the elements by contacting a local weatherization expert.

The NWS uses the term “monsoon” to describe wind shifts that bring an increase in moisture to the Southwest. The resulting storms, which often vary in severity throughout the season, bring an influx of dust and rain to the Valley, often with little warning. Lightning strikes, high winds, dust storms, flash floods, and extreme heat are common.

The worst time of year to find out you have a window leak is during monsoon season, as this can allow water to infiltrate your building or residence and damage property. One of the most common culprits behind a leaky window is decaying or damaged sealant that allows rainwater to seep through. The cost- and time-effective fix is to contact a local weatherization expert. 

Ideally, it would be best if you planned for the monsoon season by contacting a local weatherization expert to come to your business or house to inspect the sealant around your windows, allowing them to discover the extent of the decay or damage. They can then provide you with a complimentary estimate for removing the old sealant and installing new materials compatible with your specific commercial or residential project.

Plan Ahead

  • Clean your drainage system
  • Change your windshield wipers
  • Watch current weather forecasts
  • Replace the air filter in your HVAC system
  • Stock up on water bottles and nonperishables
  • Create an emergency preparation kit with first aid supplies
  • Consider professionally installed fire caulking by Royalty Sealants

Contact a Local Weatherization Expert

With years of experience as a silicone sealant contractor, you can be assured that Royalty Sealants will select the highest quality, most durable products compatible with your commercial or industrial project. In addition, we can help Valley residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes by sealing costly window leaks. Finally, because we live and work in the Valley, we understand its unique climate, making us a local weatherization expert. For more information about our services or to receive a free estimate, please get in touch with Royalty Sealants today at (602) 915-5624.


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