Window and Skylight Leak Repair


Window and Skylight leaks can happen for a number of reasons like wet weather climates, air drafts, poorly installed windows, broken seals, and fluctuations of weather. The problem with leaking windows is that it is not easy to detect early on before the damage is already caused. Most people wait until there is a drip or visible water to consider fixing their window leak.

However, there are other signs of a window or skylight leak like stains, jambs by the window, mold, enlarged trim, irregular odors in the surrounding area, slight condensation between window panes, and discoloration around the window. At Royalty Sealants, we thoroughly inspect the cause of damage and then properly repair and take care of all your window needs.

The key to avoiding serious damage from a window leak is to identify any signs of a leak and call Royalty Sealants to come and fix the problem. Even a minor leak can eventually cause a lot of damage if not handled as soon as detected.

Moisture can enter the protective barriers causing rot to form and spread throughout the wooden structure also ruining your home’s insulation. As soon as you notice any signs of a leaky or broken window, it is best to get help right away! If you need highly trained and experienced professionals to come and repair your window or skylight leak, call Royalty Sealants today!

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