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The Do’s and Don’ts of Monsoon Season

Meteorologists are forecasting heavy rainfall and showers in Arizona’s near future. In some areas, clouds are already moving in, darkening the sky. These are the first signs of the monsoon season’s arrival in the valley. To help you prepare for an increase in severe weather, Royalty Sealants has made a list of do’s, such as contacting a sealant contractor and don’ts for the season.

Do Keep an Umbrella in Your Vehicle

There is nothing worse than getting soaked in a torrential downpour. Not only that, but your electronics (e.g., smartphone, laptop, etc.) can get ruined. For about $10 at most retailers, you can purchase an umbrella to avoid a trip back home to change and prevent having to either dry out or replace the contents of your wallet or purse. Since you’ll never know when you’ll need it, it’s a good idea to keep it in your vehicle.

Don’t Open Your Windows

You should always avoid opening your windows during a storm. Rainwater can enter through the opening and damage your window seals, flooring, and nearby furniture. It also increases interior humidity. Equally important is making sure your windows are correctly sealed by contacting a sealant contractor. Caulking around your windows and sealing other openings can help prevent energy-wasting air leaks as well.

Do Prepare an Emergency Kit

Every household and business should prepare a basic emergency kit in the event of severe weather conditions (Monsoon Safety Awareness). That especially applies to those located in more rural areas where flooding may be more common. Include enough supplies for each person in your family or office. Essential items to include are flashlights, a portable battery-operated radio, bottled water, non-perishable food, and a first aid kit.

Don’t Drive Through Flooded Streets

Between June and September – the official duration of monsoon season – Arizona receives forty to fifty percent of its annual precipitation (National Weather Service). Parts of the state, however, have been known to flood when it rains insistently. If you encounter a flooded street, don’t risk crossing it, and never go around “road closed” signs. Always find an alternate route rather than risk driving through areas where there’s flooding.

Do Contact a Sealant Contractor

Royalty Sealants is Arizona’s leading sealant contractor. Our team of expertly trained and experienced professionals specializes in the installation of caulking, sealing, and joint systems designed to prevent a myriad of water intrusion and deterioration problems.

At Royalty Sealants, we use the highest quality, reliable sealants to ensure the structural integrity of your building and protect your valuable assets. As a sealant contractor, our services are essential for protecting your property from moisture and dust, especially during Arizona’s monsoon season.

There are several types of caulking materials. We determine the best one after visualizing your property’s windows, joints, and other permeable openings. Schedule an appointment with Royalty Sealants today at (623) 915-5624.

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