Spring Window Maintenance

Spring Window Maintenance

Get started on your spring cleaning by preparing your windows for the upcoming summer and monsoon seasons. With the upcoming season changes, it’s important to ensure your windows have no leaks – summer brings in the heat and if you want to turn on your AC, you’ll want to save some money by making sure your cold air isn’t escaping through tiny leaks in your window caulking. Don’t forget the monsoon season, preparing any leaks will also ensure no water makes its way into your home. 

Here are a couple of recommended simple steps: 

  • Reseal window edges. The best time to re-caulk is when the caulking or vinyl starts to deteriorate, fail, age, improper installation, or building settlement. Royalty Sealants provides water testing to pinpoint where the water leak is and find a solution.
  • Replace damaged screens. Spiders, ants, wasps, and mosquitos will be emerging soon, and looking for new places to nest, ensure you clean your insect screens and replace torn or damaged screens to keep rodents and bugs out of your home.
  • Clean your windows. A simple wipe down on all of your windows not only helps give your home a fresher feel for the spring season but will also give you a chance to inspect your window with a better view and notice anything you didn’t do before.
  • Lubricate window hardware. Since windows are used for a variety of reasons in Arizona throughout all seasons, debris can still easily settle into the moving parts or just get sticky from long-time use. After you’ve adequately cleaned your windows, lubricate the hinges and tracks with a silicone-based lubricant for easier operation.

Window Caulking Maintains Structural Integrity

In the heat, moisture can build up and when the monsoon hits, water is fighting to get inside through any window leaks – so how can you go about preventing this from ruining your building? Window caulking provides a quick and effective seal that benefits building windows by protecting the inside from outdoor conditions that can cause damage over time if not corrected. Foundational problems arise due to moisture being retained and collected over time, but water-resistant caulking, which can help keep your building’s structural integrity for years to come.

Consult a Pro about Addressing Window Leaks Today

With years of experience as a silicone sealant contractor, you can be assured that Royalty Sealants will select the highest quality, most durable products compatible with your commercial or industrial project requirements. In addition, we can also help Valley residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes by sealing window leaks through our local weatherization services. For more information about our services or to receive a free estimate, please get in touch with us today at (602) 915-5624.

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