Commerical CaulkingCaulking is an adhesive paste finish that is used to seal the gaps between two elements of construction to eliminate air, water, and pest flow as well as the damages that result from such intrusions. It can be used on exterior elements such as windows, doors, Concrete joints, EIFS joints, or interior. Caulking has a natural lifespan before the strength of the material starts to lapse and the cracks become susceptible to damage. Royalty Sealants offers maintenance or re-caulking on old seals before that damage occurs. Royalty Sealants is certified as installers for a variety of leading notable manufacturers.

Silicone and Urethane sealant applications have a variety of uses. Both are of the more common sealants, their resistance to chemicals, moisture, and weathering makes them a perfect choice for projects around residential, industrial and commercial structures.

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