Commerical CaulkingCaulking is an adhesive paste finish that is used to seal the gaps between two elements of construction to eliminate air, water, and pest flow as well as the damages that result from such intrusions. It can be used on exterior elements such as windows, doors, Concrete joints, EIFS joints, or interior. Caulking has a natural lifespan before the strength of the material starts to lapse and the cracks become susceptible to damage. Royalty Sealants offers maintenance or re-caulking on old seals before that damage occurs. Royalty Sealants is certified as installers for a variety of leading notable manufacturers.


New Sealant Installation

Failed Joint SealantSilicone and Urethane sealant applications have a variety of uses. Both are of the more common sealants, their resistance to chemicals, moisture, and weathering makes them a perfect choice for projects around residential and commercial structures.


Leaking WindowWindow Caulking TapingThe best time to re-caulk is when the caulking or vinyl starts to deteriorate, fail, age, improper installation, or building settlement. We can re-caulk your window frame perimeter sealant and glass vinyl gasket replacement with a silicone sealant (wet seal); this ensures that a weather-tight installation keeps the moisture and water out of your building. Our team provides water testing to pinpoint where the water leak is and find a solution. We specialize in working on many different building structures, such as malls, retail shops, commercial properties, residential properties, and government facilities.


Construction methods have evolved greatly over the past years. New building are built to withstand natural disasters much more effectively than old buildings. Because of this, new additions to old construction can pose a great risk to the integrity of your building structure. Expansion joints create a separation between new and old vertical and horizontal applications, allowing both parts to shake and move in their own ways as needed. Covers over these joints hide the engineering underneath and provide the same airtight barrier that a regular addition would.


waterproofingWaterproofing is primarily a below-grade application of an impermeable material that prohibits moisture from penetrating the structural components of construction (foundation, basements, tunnels, retaining walls, elevator shafts,etc.). Waterproofing is also applied to above coverings in places such as parking garages and plaza decks. Royalty Sealants also provides dampproofing services on occasions where it is a suitable alternative to waterproofing.


joint-filler2Joint fillers can be used for filling joints in new or existing concrete floor. The main purpose is to protect the joint edges and provide load transfer from one concrete slab to another.


Protect your high traffic areas. Traffic coating is a paint-like material designed to protect concrete or plywood surfaces from vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Widely used in parking areas, garages, lobbies, patios and more.


Pressure Washing ServicesPressure washing services for roof cleaning, residential & commercial, heavy equipment cleaning, house cleaning, oil removal, warehouse cleaning, paint removal, and more.


Weatherproofingweatherproofing sealantWeatherproofing protects homes and business from deteriation due to wind and moisture. It also can help reduce energy bills and create comfort in both hot and cold climates.


vertical-expansion-jointOur Mechanical Expansion Joint Systems are designed to hold parts together while safely absorbing temperature-induced expansion and contraction of building materials, and vibration, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or seismic activity. If you looking for an expansion joint contractor, please contact Royalty Sealants today.


Penentrating sealers are great for protecting porous surfaces. Their low viscosity allows for maximum penetration for porous substrate surfaces such as concrete.

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