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Royalty Sealants is Hiring for Monsoon Season

Arizona’s annual monsoon season officially began on Tuesday, June 15, and runs until September 30. We are hiring for full-time positions with benefits and bonuses.

The season is characterized by shifts in wind patterns, bringing moisture-laden air from northern Mexico to Arizona and other southwestern states, like New Mexico.

The southwestern monsoon typically varies from one year to the next, as it is influenced by specific climate patterns, such as El Nino and La Nina.

Assuming ideal conditions, which promote higher humidity, summer storms roll into the Valley. These storms can lead to torrential rainfalls, thunderstorms, lightning, excessive winds, hail, flash flooding, dust storms, and extreme heat.

These conditions can create dangerous situations and damage buildings, whether residential or commercial.

The best method for preventing specific damage, such as water, is to have window and joint sealant professionally installed by a silicone sealant company. A professional can seal your building’s windows, joints, and other areas where water can intrude.

Water intrusion, regardless of the season, has the potential to result in damages to your company’s building and equipment.

We Have Immediate Openings

Royalty Sealants is looking to fill several positions for the Valley’s monsoon season immediately. These opportunities are permanent positions with Royalty Sealants. Job duties may vary depending on the applied opening. You might want to consider familiarizing yourself with our company and services and then use our online employment form to apply. Please complete the form (all fields are required) and attach your resume to be considered for a position with Royalty Sealants.

Arizona’s Leading Silicone Sealant Company

Royalty Sealants is a leading silicone sealant company with expertly trained and experienced professionals readily available to assist. Our company specializes in installing caulks and sealants for various purposes, such as weatherization and waterproofing, for commercial and municipal buildings throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Additional service offerings include fire caulking, joint fillers, traffic coatings, penetrating sealers, mechanical expansion joint systems, and pressure washing. You can contact us online or at (602) 915-5624 to request an estimate and schedule an appointment.

With years of Valley experience as a silicone sealant company, Royalty Sealants possesses the knowledge necessary to select the highest quality, most durable caulks and sealants compatible with your project requirements and scope of work. In addition, we will perform a thorough inspection of your building’s windows to determine the best-performing window sealant, ensuring your property is protected this monsoon season.


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