Protect Your High Traffic Areas with Traffic Coatings

Protect Your High Traffic Areas with Traffic Coatings

It is important to keep your property well maintained – the same goes for outdoor decks, driveways, and garages so that they maintain their appearance and functionality in a high-trafficked zone. Traffic coatings can add years to the life of your property as well as keep it looking brand new. In addition to offering excellent foot traffic and vehicular traffic resistance, these coatings have some other advances as well.

Vehicular & Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

This method is used for heavy vehicle traffic, consistent foot traffic, or any area with a lot of traffic to serve as a protective coating. It is often used for railings and walkways. Furthermore, concrete can be protected from all kinds of weather and moisture that are detrimental to its long-term durability. 

When to Use Traffic Coatings

Royalty Sealants provides peace of mind that comes with predictable coating and sealant projects, whether you have experienced water intrusion issues or have noted concrete failures throughout your parking deck. 

There are a number of factors that would justify the use of traffic coatings at your property:

  • Concrete chips or even rebar is exposed
  • There is a need to refresh your walkways and balconies
  • Your property needs preventative maintenance

We provide these services with our thorough estimating process and onsite inspections in a number of special situations outside of those listed above.

Don’t Neglect Your Traffic Areas

Traffic coatings will help your customers and staff gain traction while simultaneously providing durability and attractiveness. With years of experience as a silicone sealant contractor, you can be assured that Royalty Sealants will select the highest quality, most durable products compatible with your commercial or industrial project requirements. For more information about these or other services and to receive a free estimate, contact us at (602) 915-5624.

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