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Royalty Sealants offers professional pressure washing and power cleaning services throughout the state of Arizona. We can handle any of your commercial, industrial, and residential pressure washing and power washing needs. We pride ourselves on quality service and affordable prices.

Residential pressure washing includes driveway cleaning, home washing, window cleaning, patio cleaning, pool decks, garage floors, solar panel cleaning and more! For regular house washing and driveway cleaning, pressure washing is the best for you because it is not too harsh that it will damage home surfaces like masonry, concrete, and brick. If you are looking for a good deck cleaning, Royalty Sealants’ pressure washing is the best option for you.

Power washing and pressure washing remove dirt, stains, and other debris from hard surfaces by using extremely pressurized water that cleans the surface in a way that regular washing tools cannot. At Royalty Sealants, our pressure washing services and power washing services are perfect for exterior house cleaning. Depending on your home and commercial cleaning needs, Royalty Sealants’ professionals will determine what power washing services are right for you.

Commercial power washing includes heavy equipment cleaning, building washing, sidewalk cleaning, parking lots, stain removal, dumpster areas and more! Bigger commercial spaces would require a different type of commercial pressure washing service like power washing. Power washing is highly pressurized as well, but this water is also heated which can make commercial cleaning faster and easier because the heated water loosens up the debris and tough stains. At Royalty Sealants, we know which pressure washing services are best for your situation. The heated power washing water might be too rough on some surfaces but it can be the best option for commercial spaces. Power washing with heated water can also help kill weeds and moss.

Whichever type of cleaning method you decide to do, call Royalty Sealants for all your pressure washing and power washing needs. Let the experts take care of it for you to avoid damaging your desired surface.

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