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When it comes to business, safety is always the #1 priority, no matter its industry. Fire is the biggest enemy for any building, so Fire Performance Safety is crucial for workplaces. Time is critical when it comes to stopping a fire from spreading further, causing more damage or blocking exits making it difficult for building occupants to escape.

What is Firestopping?

Firestopping is the procedure of re-establishing a compartment wall's fire safety performance or on the joint between two elements, such as floor slabs or where the floor slab meets the wall, using a fire caulking or fire barrier sealant. When either is breached, due to penetration for a pipe, pole, or cable wiring – it reinstates the barrier to the required fire rating, ultimately protecting the building and helping stop the spread of a fire from one room to another.

Professional Firestopping is important

Living in a technology based world, firestopping has become even more critical for businesses, even though firestopping has been a part of building codes for decades.

Anytime penetration is done to allow easier access for wiring, pipes, or anything making its way through a floor slab, ceiling, or wall – firestopping must be completed by a professional to guarantee all penetration holes are adequately sealed and that old ones are moderately brought up to code. If this does not get done in a timely manner or done by a non-professional, you risk vulnerability for the building and its occupants if a fire were to ignite.

Although firestopping is a requirement in all building and industry types – it is especially important in nursing homes, health clinics, hospitals, daycares, and other settings where the occupants may have limited ability or more obstacles to overcome if somebody ordered an evacuation.

Contact Us for Firestopping Services

Royalty Sealants specializes in many forms of fire caulking and firestopping; our team of well trained and experienced professionals specializes in the installation of fire stopping designed to prevent fire spread within buildings. Proper fire caulk services, especially between different building elements, can protect your buildings' occupants and valuable assets. Call Royalty Sealants today for a quote at (623) 915-5624 or send us a message.

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