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Window Sealant: Prevent Leaks When It Rains

Breaking a 110-day dry streak, per meteorologists, it is raining in the valley. According to the National Weather Service, 0.35-inches of rainfall was measured at Sky Harbor earlier this morning, and scattered rain is in the afternoon’s forecast. Today’s rain emphasizes the importance of having window sealant installed around your home or office building’s windows, ensuring...

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Fire Caulking: Protecting Your Building

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that there were 379,600 residential and 103,600 non-residential structure fires in 2018. The leading cause in both environments, with 50.7% and 30.6%, respectively, was cooking. Also, in 2018, the total reported loss due to these fires was $25.6 billion. Fire caulking, also known as a fire-stop sealant, can help prevent...

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